By entrusting us with material donations​

By entrusting us with material donations

By donating clothes, household linens, household and decorative objects, books, toys, etc. in good condition and clean, you support our social, human, economic and environmental projects.

They are primarily given to families in precarious situations but also sold to finance a family support service.

You can bring your donations from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We accept

Donations (in good condition and clean) useful for our actions:

  • Clothing for men, women, children and accessories (belts, scarves, scarves, gloves, hats, etc.), shoes, bags;
  • Household linen, blankets, duvets, baby bedding, fabrics, curtains, hangings;
  • CD, DVD original recording Vinyls (33 and 45 rpm);
  • Recent novels, educational books, children’s books, comics;
  • Dictionaries (from less than 10 years ago);
  • Tableware, utility objects;
  • Complete games and toys;
  • Decorative objects, lighting, frames, clocks, flea markets and old objects;
  • Jewelry, watches, trinkets, perfumes, makeup DIY materials, light tools, sewing;
  • Bike in excellent condition;
  • Small household appliances, radios, sound systems, game consoles + games;
  • Flat screens LCD, LED, for PC (max 60 cm long 10 cm deep), laptops, tablets, smartphones + access codes + complete power supply, keyboards, printers, scanners, speakers;
  • Small furniture (maximum 1 m³);
  • Modern, foldable, recent childcare equipment, compliant with European standards;
  • Garden armchairs, folding chairs, baby chairs;
  • Child car seats, meeting current safety standards.

We cannot accept

Damaged or dirty clothing and objects, nor the following objects:

  • Uniforms of soldiers, firefighters, aviators, police officers, gendarmes;
  • Skis, ski boots, ice skates;
  • Hangers;
  • Periodicals, magazines, journals, newspapers;
  • Handout courses, tourist guides, encyclopedias;
  • PCs other than laptops PC and TV screens K 7 VHS video – K 7 audio;
  • Mechanical typewriter (except “antique” Remington type), electric or electronic;
  • Mattress Prams with big wheels or over 5 years old;
  • Playpen with large mesh net;
  • Binders with 4 rings.

You can however give us, as a deposit for Recupel, taking care not to mix them with your possible donations: small broken or broken down devices equipped with an electric cable or running on battery or batteries (we cannot therefore accept large household appliances, bulbs, batteries and all types of screens).